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Recipe Notes

Valentine’s Day Recipes for That Craft Beer Lover in Your Life

Valentine’s day and sugar go together like hops and and barley. But rather than snagging a bright colored box of high fructose corn syrup from the store, remind yourself that the love of your life isn’t just someone who wants rose-colored mediocrity in a box. No, we are talking about a classy loved one. A craft beer loved one. Now I certainly love myself some See's candy as…Read More

5 Foods to Eat in Kamakura with a Kamakura Beer

Kamakura Beer and White Bait Fish   Kamakura is a small town in the Kanagawa prefecture. If you have half a day away from Tokyo or are planning to go to Yokohama, take the time to venture out to Kamakura. It is a small town with a small town charm. Beautiful beaches, buddhist temples, and home of the Daibutsu, or big Buddha, this town is full of flavor.…Read More

Redhook Brewlab Grand Opening Features Collaborations from all over Washington

Redhook brewery opened its doors to their their new pub Redhook Brewlab yesterday. This new Seattle brewhouse is located in Capitol Hill in the Pike Motorworks. Redhook Brewlab is entitled such to be their testing ground to create new small-batch beers for the pub and potentially brews that will eventually expand from there. I didn’t have the opportunity to try any of the food this visit, but did…Read More

I Just Drank a Beer at Starbucks

Just a Place to Work I am a web developer by day. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer in various locations. Anyone attempting to start a business understands that work happens wherever you make it happen. Because of this mantra, I am always finding myself at a Starbucks. However, I am not the biggest fan of the coffee served at the global coffee…Read More

Lightning Brewery Opens New Tasting Room

San Diego is notoriously known for being one of the biggest craft brew cities in the world, there is no doubt about that. Stone and Lost Abbey guard the valleys of north county while breweries like Ballast Point and Karl Strauss dwell in the city proper. But between north county and San Diego, in the city of Poway, rests a small brewery with some of the most uniquely individual…Read More

Beerology and Ancient Craft Brewing

It was hunter gatherers who created the first craft brew. During that time of foraging for berries and going out for a hunt, hoping that one of your tribesmen actually catches something edible, humans decided that they need more beer. Thus agriculture and what we consider modern civilization is born. This isn't true exactly, but I like to believe that man decided to evolve due to their desire for…Read More

Wells and Young Banana Beer Bread Failure

Just Like Any Other Banana Nut Recipe... I have stated in the beginning that I will share both my successes and my failures. Well I am happy to write to post on my first failure. Wells and Young Banana Bread Beer seemed like the easier choice to make when baking beer bread. I mean, it has bread in the title. Now, I am a big fan of banana…Read More

Red Trolley and my Desire to Bake Brew

I have spent the past four years really developing my cooking skills. It has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. I now rarely eat out, have lost a decent amount of weight, and really learned to love food all over again. Braising, broiling, pan frying, sautéing; these tricks all have been added to my cooking tool belt. Except for one thing… I can’t bake… No…Read More