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Belching Beaver Brewing

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About Belching Beaver Brewing

Belching Beaver does not brew good beer. We brew truly great beer. Currently, we are crafting 7 distinct beers that range from blondes to stouts, which are sure to please anyone’s tastes. Our first priority is using quality ingredients to create the beer recipes at our microbrewery. When we decided to move forward with the brewery, we told Troy not to worry about how much money we were spending on ingredients. With a name like Belching Beaver, we better have great beer or we would be the biggest joke in town. We contracted our hops before we found a location or even bought equipment. I told Troy that I would throw any beer out and delay opening unless it was perfect. In truth, we had no worries because Troy makes great beer. He did not disappoint! As my wife would say, “It’s fabulous.” Our customers say, “They’re all fabulous.” As Dave would say…well he would sniff out each aroma hop, and then describe the grapefruit flavors, the honey overtones and the crisp clean orange peel that delights the palate. I just say, “Man, great beer!”

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Belching Beaver Brewing Recipes

Untappd Checkins

Jocelyn H.

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Belching Beaver Morty's Mind Blowers #1
Mosaic Double IPA
Phantom Bride IPA
Hoppy Hoppy Night
Mosaic Double IPA
Peanut Butter Milk Stout
Ol' Dirty Barrel
Here Comes Mango!
Ol' Dirty Barrel
Hop Highway IPA
Phantom Bride IPA
PB&J Blonde
Phantom Bride IPA
Phantom Bride IPA
Little. Yellow. Different.
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