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Redhook Brewlab Grand Opening Features Collaborations from all over Washington

By: Kyle Valenzuela

Redhook brewery opened its doors to their their new pub Redhook Brewlab yesterday. This new Seattle brewhouse is located in Capitol Hill in the Pike Motorworks. Redhook Brewlab is entitled such to be their testing ground to create new small-batch beers for the pub and potentially brews that will eventually expand from there.

I didn’t have the opportunity to try any of the food this visit, but did enjoyed two of the collaboration beers and somewhat regretted a third beer without having any food in the belly.

Hua Tåke

This Pineapple IPA is a collaboration with Longview, Washington’s Ashtown Brewing Co. When this beer first hit the lips, you didn’t get that initial hops. What you get is a mouthful juiciness. Pineapple juiciness. It instantly reminds you of a Chi Chi or other tropical mixed drinks. This was like a time portal for me. It took me back to adventures in Thailand for some reason, even though there was more coconut drinks happening than pineapple. That time capsule ended relatively quickly once the hops came rushing onto the palette. Luckily it was a mild hoppiness. Nothing overwhelming like the next beer.

Grapefruit Sherbet IPA

A grapefruit IPA brewed with lactose, collaboration with Sal And Straw bought out a lot of the hops. The underlying sweetness of lactose was buried somewhere at the bottom, not really wanting to come out and play. This didn’t bother my as I enjoyed the hops which was like the kid in school who was the first to raise their hand a volunteer for everything. Nearing the end the beer, the flavor came off as a grapefruit Sculpin clone. Again, not a problem for me considering the price tag on Ballast Point beers up in Seattle. A solid IPA, but I wished the lactose friend would come out and play more.

100% Wheat Tripel

This last beer was my favorite of the nice, however probably was a misjudgement on my part. Still ignorant of distances in Seattle, I thought it would be a great idea to walk from Belltown to Captitol Hill. Decisions were made. Bad decisions which left my walking up the hill sweating my ass off wishing for a beer. To add insult to injury, there was absolutely no food in my belly to help me deal with the two IPAs. Making a misjudgement earlier, I thought why not make another one by “testing” another beer. Anything for the likes I suppose. I am glad I made the decision.

The 100% Wheat Tripel is a collaboration with Sound Brewing. The Belgians are at the top of my list and this Redhook collaboration is no different. The aroma was malty as so was the flavor. Along with malt, you do get that wheat flavor and it provides a beautiful dryness to the drink. Not the dryness that leaves your palette nuked like some IPAs, but rather enough to cleanse the palette for a moment to allow for the malt, sweet, and spice flavors to penetrate your senses.

It didn’t help that this last beer was 9% ABV, leaving my stomach needing that uncured pork kielbasa waiting in the fridge. At least the walk back downhill.

Overall, Redhook Brewlab is a great establishment with plenty of bars to choose from and an assortment entertainment for your next outing.

Kyle Valenzuela

I am a developer, cooking fanatic, and craft beer lover. However, lacking in baking skills, I decided to try making beer bread. Baking Brew is dedicated to cooking and baking with one main ingredient in mind. Craft Beer!